Hi Everyone,

I am Li, the host of Inspire your photos. I came from Shanghai, China and have lived in Australia for nearly six month. When i was 10 years old, i got my first series of portrait. That’s the first time, i feel the amazing power of photography. It’s the biggest attractions to me in my previous advertising job that having chance to work with photographer. Sometimes, I was asked to work as photographer to capture event moments or movie stars’ motions in marketing activities. Main work task is to compose photos with text to press brand news in digital channels. The more i take photos, the more I keen on photography. Obviously, photography is my biggest interest nowadays.


Looking photographers’ masterpieces is really enjoyable. I really love to think about why and how they take this photo. In my opinion, to conclude and collect tips from others is a good way to improve photography skills. Sharing photography tips, posing suggestions with others that is the main purpose to create INSPIRE YOUR PHOTOS. Photography lovers or beginner to read the website contents could get more ideas and have more fun to take photos.


Photography is froze moment, and you can feel the felling and remind the story when you look photos. Additional, it’s the necessary skill to be active in your social media lives. There are some many benefits to have awesome photography skills. Do not wait, join with me to enjoy it!





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