Group Poses in Photographing

Many people will become nervous when taking group photos. How to pose in group people is a common question asked by most people in photography discussion.

Some sample poses have been collected to help you to do it more confidently.

Pose 1# form a circle while lying on the ground or standing

group, circle,

Pose 2# Someone stand, white others sit to put their heard in different level


Pose 3# Lying close together on the ground

lying on the ground

Pose 4# Put hands together to take group backs

Three young men walking together on a field

Pose 5# Ask group to jump


Now, choose some of them you like to take group photographing. Remember, each group pose could be shot by different angles.

Hope you have fun to do that.

If you want to have more tips about group shooting, you could read related articles below.

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